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Career Coach

Scope and Position Responsibilities

The Career Coach is responsible for assessing the needs of the program participants, who we call “Leaders” and assisting them through the process of self-sufficiency through career and community development. The Coach will use a variety of strategies to engage and support Leaders, including but not limited to: long-term case management, skill and employment development, resource referrals, soft skills training, and community building. The position includes elements of career coaching and life coaching.

Department: Program

Supervisor: Lead Coach

Direct Reports: 0

Indirect Reports: 0

Major Areas of Responsibility

Case Management Responsibilities 

● Assist in the process of conducting intakes and assessments during the recruitment and admissions process for Leaders 

● Interview and help make decisions regarding admission of potential Leaders into the program

● Coach 40 to 50 Leaders towards their self-sufficiency and career goals 

● Develop and implement Leader-centered goals and hold them accountable to the goals 

● Track and maintain data and case notes within Salesforce

● Develop Action Plans for Leaders that are off-track to meet graduation goals and evaluate progress 

● Maintain regular communication with Leaders on a weekly and monthly basis compared to KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

● Identify appropriate resources to respond to Leader needs and make any referrals necessary to implement care plans. Provide follow-up with Leaders and collateral contacts as needed. 

● Update the Lead Coach or Program Director on Leader progress 

● Work closely with Program Team staff and centralized departments to ensure effective use of program resources 

● Input all relevant case management data into the existing Salesforce CRM platform in a timely and accurate manner 

Personal Development Training Responsibilities 

●   Work with Program Team to create a welcoming and safe environment for Leaders onsite and online

●   Attend all Personal Development activities during the first six weeks of the program 

●   Exemplify and hold Leaders accountable to meet program values 

●   Help Program Team manage classroom needs

  • Track Leader Projects within Leader files and update progress within spreadsheets or Salesforce
  • Aid Leaders in Project completion, reaching for professional standards 

●   As needed, prepare lessons and teach soft skill related classes during Personal Development and Family Gatherings as assigned by Program Director (communication, business skills, Pairin lessons, basic computer skill classes, etc) 

Skill Development and Career Development Responsibilities 

● Work with Leaders to identify viable career pathways and plan next steps 

● Help oversee Skill Development policies and procedures both onsite, offsite and online.  Assist Leaders in accessing financial assistance for education programs. Track Leaders’ progress through education programs.   

● Help oversee Career Launch both onsite, offsite and online.  Oversee professional materials, critique interviewing skills,  facilitate submission of employment applications, interviewing and onboarding of Leaders into employment positions.  

       ● Help Leaders in securing permanent and secure employment that will earn a wage of $18.00+/hour 

Family Gathering Responsibilities

  • Attend all Family Gathering events on Wednesday evenings
  • Help with set up, program details and clean up


  • A deep level of knowledge and understanding of the complexity of poverty and a familiarity working with issues of poverty
  • Bachelor’s degree in counseling, education, or related field strongly recommended and master’s degree a plus 
  • 3+ years of cross-cultural experience 
  • Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills; proven ability to communicate with diverse audiences
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, high standards, initiative and follow through
  • Proven ability to motivate others and solve problems 
  • Team player who is willing to help other staff team members when needed
  • Must be able to work creatively within a budget and use innovation to find ways of more effectively managing resources 
  • Ability to work with a company and peers of strong Christian faith 

Hours, Compensation and Benefits

Hours: 40 hours/week: Monday, Tuesday 8:00am – 5:00pm; Wednesday – 8:00am – 8:30pm; 

Thursday, Friday – 8:00am – 2:00pm; occasional other hours as scheduled by your supervisor.

Salary/Wage :   $49,000-58,800 annual

Vacation:  15 days per year, plus the office is closed Christmas Day – New Years Day and staff have limited duties

Sick Days:  6 days per year 

Insurance Benefits:  Health, dental, vision, workers compensation, unemployment, short term disability, long term disability

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