Employers across the country recognize the benefits of weaving diversity and equality into the fabric of their companies. At CFW, we can help you grow a talented workforce representing your commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI).
Corporate Hiring Practices
The most important place to start creating a more diverse workforce is in the corporate hiring policies and procedures of a company. Companies with higher diversity measures often see an increase in revenue, innovation, and higher employee retention. Diversity is an ethical and socially responsible practice, and it is a smart business decision.
In reviewing your company’s hiring practices and internal promotions, these steps will help you create a more vibrant, diverse, and equitable workplace.
Commit to long-term goals as DEI is not a one-time project. DEI requires a constant process of improvement and self-reflection.
Confront bias and microaggressions in your hiring process. Common examples include:
A bias toward the under or unemployed—Many unemployed and underemployed job seekers are highly qualified and talented. In today’s economic climate, encountering unemployment is often no reflection of job seekers’ skills, qualifications, and work ethics.
Is there an unrecognized bias toward names perceived as ethnic? This is a microaggression more common than most hiring managers realize. Employers often reject qualified talent without offering an interview based on how a name is perceived. Resumes with “white” sounding names receive 25% more call-backs than those with “ethnic” names.
Is there discrimination against candidates based on their address? Hiring managers too often fail to consider candidates from lower-income areas.
Do certain roles in your company have a gender-bias? Even in 2021, gender bias exists for certain positions. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) jobs have traditionally been overwhelmingly male. A gender bias could lead your company to miss out on the most talented candidate.
Refine your hiring process. You will need to take a hard look at who is involved in the decision-making processes in hiring. Are they reflective of the candidate pool you want? Objective indicators of a good candidate like education, skills, and competencies should remain the focus. DEI doesn’t require you to sacrifice hiring qualified candidates. Have processes in place that allow candidates to show, instead of tell, how they can get the job done.
Advertise your jobs through diverse channels. Place your job ads in magazines, forums, and websites visited by underrepresented groups.
Create internships and scholarships for people that are underrepresented in your organization. You can start by establishing a relationship with minority organizations on college campuses and ask for their help in promoting the opportunities among their members.
Find a workforce solutions firm that works with a diverse pool of employees, employers, and potential talent. Having a staffing firm that mindfully cultivates a diverse talent pool makes it easier to improve diversity in hiring.
Make Your Company Attractive to a Diverse Group
The hiring process is only the beginning of building a more diverse workforce. Recognizing the need to change the culture of your company is the first step.
Establish regular training about diversity, inclusion, unconscious biases, and microaggressions in the workforce. CFW Staffing and Training Company, LLC can help you institute training to help build cultural sensitivity and awareness.
To foster an environment of mutual respect, your company needs a framework of explicit rules for acceptable employee conduct. The goal of such training should be creating an environment of mindfulness about growth and diversity with a focus on preventing problems instead of scrambling to respond once the damage is done.
Strategic hiring practices that encourage sensitivity will evolve into a cohesive team with a wealth of skills, experience, and creativity. Leadership should always set an example and strive to create a corporate culture that values diversity and inclusion.
The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion
As a business owner or hiring manager, your goal should be a creative, dynamic team with a growth mindset capable of tackling problems effectively. Creating a DEI corporate environment will create a more productive, stronger company.
Lipservice to DEI is not enough. Diversity, equality, and inclusion are not buzzwords that can be checked off a human resources form. Instead, it has to be put into practice at every level. Employees that feel they are treated inequitably will become discouraged and often look elsewhere for employment. When employees feel included in the organization, they are more likely to remain fully engaged with their work.
Millennials and Generation X put a much higher value on workplace diversity compared to previous generations. Diversity is among the top three most essential requirements for job seekers in that age range. Given that they make up almost two-thirds of the current workforce, it is easy to see why improving the DEI of a company offers a competitive edge.
According to the Boston Consulting Group, companies with a diverse workforce average 19% higher revenues, and they are almost twice as likely to be innovative leaders in their market. Even more staggering, companies with a diverse workforce are 70% more likely to capture a new or emerging market, according to the Harvard Business Review.
Diversity and inclusion are good for public relations. Conscientious consumers are more mindful of how they speak with their money. Consumers want to spend money with companies that are having an impact on the world and who embrace social responsibility.
How CFW Staffing and Training Company, LLC Can Help
CFW Staffing and Training Company, LCC is a minority-owned and operated staffing company that provides direct hire recruiting, temporary hiring, and consulting services to help your company reach its diversity, equality, and inclusion goals.
Contact us today for your staffing needs, and let us help you build a capable, talented, and diverse workforce capable of meeting your goals in 2021 and beyond.

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